The Best Health and Fitness Apps Available Today

In our last article, we covered all the weight loss gimmicks that would never work and only exist to steal your money like a great door-to-door salesman. This doesn’t mean to take a jaded approach to all weight loss offerings however, because some of them actually do work as intended and can help you make your weight loss dreams more easily your reality. We live in an information age, where everything is at our fingertips and accessible by our phones, or PDA’s or laptop computers. Having weight loss and health apps available to us 24-7 is like having your own nutritionist and weight loss coach in your pocket every day.

As with any app made for your smartphone, there’s ones that work and some that are copies or just not quite as good, so how do you tell the great ones from the substandard? We will give a short review of the most popular apps available during 2014 so you can decide which will work best for your personal goals in your weight loss journey. If you have a ton of apps on your phone already, you might want to remove a few because they take up a ton of storage space, which is limited with smartphones anyway. The best of the best are listed here, keeping in mind the overall rating, the ability for it to offer something no other app does, something that is easy to use, reliable and can continue to grow and be developed far into the future.

1. Cody – This app offers inside connections to a large fitness community where users can share workouts and tips, complete with videos and photos with full instructions. By making connections with existing friends and new ones on the app, you enable yourself to get fitness ideas from other people you may never have considered before. You also get people who are going to help you stay motivated and will post comments that can mean the difference between staying the course, and quitting the diet. This app also enables people to track progress made with a timeline that features stars and highlights for special moments. The best part? It’s free for iOS. (Apple operating system)

2. FitStar – Tony Gonzales from the NFL has become your own personal trainer with this customized app. Videos that cover every angle help guide you through customized workouts that match your own fitness goals. As you track your progress, FitStar will calculate the next move you make so you never reach that plateau where you stop losing weight and it just won’t budge. It offers challenging workouts for any type of person at any stage in their weight loss journey and again, the best part?  It’s free for iOS.

3. Fitness Fast – This app comes packed with goodies. To start with, it has pre-loaded as well as personally customizable workout instructions for it’s users that are made to target different groups of muscles. It will tell you your max reps you should be doing, which exercises for the area of the body you’re looking to tone, and it even tracks sleep patters and your body stats. It utilizes crowd sourcing for a community forum where users can share information along their weight loss goals, or just provide motivational support. It gives you charts with full details, graphs your reps and sets, inches you have lost, your weight lost, caloric intake needed and output used while exercising, your BMI and helps you figure out how much sleep you should be getting to stay healthy.
Cost is negligible, a mere $0.99, and available on iOS.

4. Gain Fitness – Another app meant to be a personal trainer in your pocket, this app has over 1300 exercises, step-by-step voice commands that you can tell your fitness goal to, and it will match your goals with routines that will accommodate those goals. It has high definition motion images to help you see what you should be doing, and it doesn’t require you to go to a gym to do it. You simply tell the app what you currently own, and it will compile a huge list of routines you can do with the things you already own, and it tracks your sets, reps, weight and times for rest so you can track your gains. Cost is free for the iOS.

5. NIKE Training Club – Well known name in the fitness industry, Nike has jumped on board the app craze as well, and holding their name in high regard makes this app just as good as the shoes and apparel they create that bears the same. With over 100 workouts catered to 15, 30 and 45 minute times to better suit your schedule, this app comes with a ton of help. It has audio, visual and video demonstrations given by some of the most famous female athletes, trainers and even celebrities. What sets this app apart from others is the ability to cater to what kind of body you’re looking for. If you want to get lean, it means totally different exercises than if you’re looking to get strong, or just toned. You can choose the duration of your program so it suits your lifestyle the easiest, and it will measure progress using how many minutes you were active and the average caloric burn. The cost is absolutely free for iOS and Android.

6. Pact – This app does ask you to get moving whether it’s at a gym or going out to run daily, or any other exercise that will get you up and going. Users will pledge a set number of days they’ll work out every week, along with a set amount of money. Because money is important to us, and valuable immeasurably, the thought is that we’re not going to mess up our goals and have to pay up instead. It’s like losing a bet, and it bets that we’re going to continue our goals. If we fail, we pay. If we succeed however, we GET paid. Users report that they don’t end up losing money, they just gain fitness. It also has a motion tracker as well as the option to connect with other tracking apps so that winnings don’t all go towards gym membership costs. The cost is free for iOS and Android.

By pairing apps that have our best interests in mind with a weight loss program that we can believe in and stick to like the Cruise Control Diet we leave ourselves no room for error, and have no limits placed upon our own personal success. Everyone needs a little help during dieting and exercise, it’s usually a complete lifestyle change for most people and it’s never an easy thing to just do. Apps make it possible to take the hand extended to you to help you out without feeling like a failure for needing one in the first place.

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